Shanghai Bay Trade Co., Ltd.

The Bay custom home was founded in 2004. The development of fifteen years has been devoted to home design + customization + finished products matching, creating the overall style layout of high-end home furnishing. Combined with western culture and modern aesthetic standards, we create the elegant and modern home series style.

"Bay" has opened up New River in the industry, and has successfully developed a new series of "customizing style" minimalism and light luxury, which has achieved "new benchmarking" in the industry. Under the banner of "sea wave", "Pearl", "raw stone" and other series, the R & D team of the bay is mainly integrated with metal inlay, light principle, imported plate, special decoration and other high-end materials, combined into a high-end custom new style. The "minimalism, light and luxurious wind" built by the Bay home is the combination of (custom-made + finished product), to create high-end customized products in the home, and constantly promote the development of the home industry and the promotion of home concept.

The Bay home has an intelligent production base, the painless water-based paint is used in the lacquer surface, the base material adopts the imported plate, and the full automatic production equipment in Germany is introduced and the fifteen years of experience accumulated by the brand, so that the product has a greater quality guarantee.

All the time, the Bay home has the courage to bear social responsibility, actively respond to the government's call, build low carbon, environmental protection enterprises, with excellent green environmental quality, diversified humanized design, high standard quality, sincere and intimate service won the consensus of the customers, and successively obtained "China green environmental protection construction". Products, "Shanghai's ten best seller brands", "3.15 consumer confidence and integrity member units" and other honorary titles.

Uphold the concept of "sincere cooperation, technological innovation, pursuit of dedication and endless", "bay" through fifteen years of cultivation and accumulation, in the industry, market and experts highly affirmed and widely praised, to become a comprehensive strength and brand influence industry. The "bay" team will lead the whole industry to create a brand new furniture design concept and a series of high-end luxury furniture.